"I adore lemurs. They’re extremely gentle, well-mannered, pretty, and yet great fun. I should have married one."

John Cleese covered in lemurs. Yeah alright.




I’ve been waiting for this post all my life 

the disclaimer though

reblogging again because I actually read the disclaimer this time…


Sometimes I feel like the only thing keeping me from accomplishing my dreams in life is the fact that I need support from people who don’t realize they are inadvertently hindering me from accomplishing my dreams.

Confidence would be nice at this point.

There’s no where else I can post this without inevitably offending people I’d rather not offend, But I think it’s ridiculous and arrogant any time a local  and charges 10 bucks for a ticket to their show. It’s not always the band…sometimes it’s the promoter, the venue, etc. But either way, 10 dollars is offensive. You think just because I’m NOT in a band, clearly that means I HAVE money? I mean that’s 20 bucks for me and my bf to attend. More importantly, if a venue is charging 5 bucks, that usually means the band gets all the money, minus a total (like the first 20 goes to the venue, the rest goes to the band). a 10 buck cover usually means the venue is getting most of it. Shameful.  

I hate Sunday night anxiety,

Listen parents, I love you, but the fact that you insist on driving the car that I drive to work, anytime you have to do anything, is getting to be a pain in my ass. I fill up the car with gas, I budget enough money to fill up one tank which lasts me from one paycheck to the next. Now I spent 200 bucks on a fucking christmas gift for you assholes so forgive me if I am a little low on extra money to refill my tank after you drive like a maniac to Home Depot or Kroger 900 times.

goddamnit men are so damned stupid.

Why is it so hard to understand I just want a job that pays a lot that I enjoy where I can art and just have art and be art and involve music and wear my hair in rainbow colours and make jokes without offending people and rub my face in a cats belly every once in awhile is that so much to ask?

Incredibly disheartened about…well just everything, really.


This is kinda creepy yet amazing….
Richard Wells ‏@Slippery_Jack
@woodelijah @kickstarter Horror movies made me paint this…


This is kinda creepy yet amazing….

Horror movies made me paint this…




Had to repost, made me cry…



Every day at the office for me.



Every day at the office for me.

Nothin like losing your friends to pussy. Cause clearly nothing is as important as pussy.

Everything fucking sucks and I can’t post about it anywhere but here.

the place where I volunteer didn’t hire me, again, for a position I really wanted.

I don’t hate my job exactly, but I fucking hate where I work. Everything is back fucking asswards and one of the supervisors stalks me. I make shitty money, I can’t afford anything outside of the shit I need to be able to keep my shitty job (like gas and food).

I have a secondary ‘job’ as a promoter for a local venue. But none of the bands I contact get back to me, or are available, or want to play a show. Not even my best friend, who comes up with stupid fucking arbitrary rules for not wanting to play. If I can’t bring in some shows within the next couple weeks the venue will probably shut down.

I don’t have a band anymore. One of the members pisses me right the fuck off constantly. We can’t find a drummer and the one we do know and like doesn’t have a practice space. None of us have a practice space. We can’t agree on anything. I get no say in anything.

I can’t do a lot of the volunteering I’d like to do because I have to go to work so early in the morning. I can’t go to shows. I can’t get anything done on the internet or in an artistic sense. 

I can’t go to school because I don’t have any money. I can’t make more money because I’m not going to school.